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Simple Flat Design

Minimalist Flat Style Graphics - Templates & Icons in a Modern, Flat Design

This style offers neutral presentation graphics in a modern & flat minimal design (also called Metro UI style). This minimalist design has been a trend for quite some time, replacing more gradient focused & skeuomorphic styles. Graphic designers use this aesthetic in a wide range of areas such as app and web design, logos, brand themes, and user interfaces. The style is usually paired with simple or bold typography & fonts. We designed these icons and shapes to be used with various formal presentations. For example, you may be giving a serious presentation on company hierarchies, and want some stylish graphics to help present this - but without drawing too much attention away from the content itself. Our simple brick & block, layer, or pyramid diagrams might be considered suitable choices for this application. Perhaps you could use icons from the Simple Flat Icons Collection in your business card design, represent User Experience with a Plane Flight Timeline, or use SMART Goal Diagrams to make effective goals for topics such as design style or packaging.

The flat designs use simple, light symbols that illustrate presentation slides in an easy way, but without being overwhelming. You can use them as a subtle addition to your presentation topics e.g. use letter icons to represent people or roles. Add these minimalist graphics to your portfolio to enhance your PowerPoints.

All design elements are also fully editable: change texts, resize shapes without loss of image quality, edit templates to match your brand's color scheme etc.

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