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Outline Design

Outline Graphics - Vector Format Templates, Shapes & Icons in a Minimalist & Modern Style

An elegant line style for diagram graphics, PPT templates & pictogram symbols. This is a modern design that will add nicely to your slides without taking too much attention away from your content. You can use this when you want subtle illustrations that won't stand out for the wrong reasons, or to help achieve a modern, minimalist look when you create a new PowerPoint. For example, you might wish to use these for a presentation on a very detail oriented topic, with lots of data/statistics, such as IT processes. You probably wouldn't want your graphics to stand out too much and distract the audience from the content. You might use a SWOT Analysis to take a critical look at certain programs, the Online Meeting Slide Deck to support a presentation on remote work, or use People, Activities & Poses Icon Pack to represent users, employees, and other relevant people such as board members or investors.

All elements are fully editable, with icons coming in a vector graphic format. You can change color, edit outline thickness & style, resize shapes without losing image quality etc.

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