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Successive Approximation Model Slide
from deck Instructional Design Models ADDIE, SAM diagrams (PPT template)

Slide content:

This slide shows the successive approximation model (SAM) with a flowchart. The flowchart shows the process in three phases: preparation, iterative design, and iterative development phase. During the preparation phase, in the background, the information has been gathered along with a savvy start. In the iterative design phase - a review, design, and prototype including project planning, and additional design. The last phase - iterative development, includes implementation, evaluation and development. This covers steps such as design proof, alpha version, beta, and finally gold. You can use this presentation if you're an educator, and want to present dense type of information in a simplified way to your audience, or for a company's internal purposes. You can download this slide in Google Slides and Keynote, without any quality loss. Editing instructions are also available if you don't have design skills. Click on the picture to see the whole Instructional Design PowerPoint template.

Slide infographic description:

Flowchart Diagram, Arrow Banner Vector, Gray Gradient Background, Color Coding

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