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Porter Forces puzzle Diagram powerpoint
from deck Porter Forces Marketing Model Diagram (PPT chart icons)


Slide Content

This slide illustrates Porter’s Five Forces framework using colorful puzzle pieces to represent the different forces that affect competitive strategy within a market. "Suppliers" and "Buyers" are opposing puzzle pieces, suggesting their bargaining power impacts the market. "Competition" sits at the center, indicating the existing rivalry among current players. "New entrants" and "Substitutes" are adjacent forces, each representing the threat of new players entering the market and the availability of alternative products or services, respectively.

Graphical Look

  • The slide title is at the top in a large, bold font.
  • There are five interlocking puzzle pieces in various colors: blue, orange, green, dark blue, and purple.
  • Each puzzle piece is labeled: "New entrants," "Competition," "Substitutes," "Suppliers," and "Buyers."
  • The "Competition" puzzle piece is central and connects with all the other pieces.
  • The pieces are arranged in a cross formation, signifying an interconnected model.

The slide has a clean design with a balance of color and white space, emphasizing the interconnectivity of the model's components. The use of puzzle pieces as visual metaphors highlights how the forces fit together to complete the strategic landscape.

Use Cases

  • To explain the competitive landscape of an industry during a strategic business review.
  • In a marketing presentation to analyze the external factors influencing product placement and sales strategy.
  • For educational purposes to illustrate economic principles within a business course.
  • As a starting point for discussion in a workshop aimed at identifying business risks and opportunities.

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