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Porter Five Forces Definition Slide
from deck Porter Forces Marketing Model Diagram (PPT chart icons)

Porter Five Forces Definition

[Porter’s five forces] ( is a framework used to determine the profitability and attractiveness of a certain industry sector. The model assumes there are five forces influencing any chosen industry.

Porter’s Five Forces Model

  1. Competition in the industry
  2. Potential of new entrants in the industry
  3. Supplier’s power
  4. Power of customers
  5. Threat of substitute products

Use this slide as an introduction to this model, if you are a lecturer or you want to implement this model into your work, and you want to familiarize your team with this framework. All the graphics are editable, so you can customize your presentation according to your needs while keeping the quality of the elements. Click on the picture to see the whole Porter Forces Marketing Model Diagram PowerPoint Template.

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