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Porter Forces hexagon Diagram powerpoint
from deck Porter Forces Marketing Model Diagram (PPT chart icons)


Slide Content

The slide represents Porter's Five Forces framework using a graphical layout of scribbled hexagons. It includes "Competition" which signifies the intensity of competitive rivalry, "New entrants" indicating the ease or difficulty for new competitors to join the market, "Buyers" representing the power customers have to drive prices down, "Suppliers" illustrating the influence suppliers have over the pricing and availability of materials, and "Substitutes" referring to alternative products and services that can affect industry demand.

Graphical Look

  • Six hexagon shapes arranged in two rows and three columns.
  • Hexagons have a scribbled, sketch-like texture and vary in color: blue, green, yellow, and purple.
  • Each hexagon contains a label identifying one of Porter's forces: Competition, New entrants, Buyers, Suppliers, and Substitutes.
  • The hexagons are arranged in a manner that mimics a conceptual framework with an interrelation between the elements.
  • The colors are subdued and professional, with a white background that enhances contrast.

The slide has a clean, modern aesthetic with a hand-drawn style that adds a degree of informality and approachability. The use of color coding aids in distinguishing between the different forces.

Use Cases

  • Formulating business strategies by analyzing the competitive environment.
  • Training sessions to educate team members or students on strategic management concepts.
  • Business planning or consulting presentations aiming to assess industry attractiveness.
  • Board meetings or investment discussions to evaluate market entry decisions.

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