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Porter Forces flat Diagram presentation
from deck Porter Forces Marketing Model Diagram (PPT chart icons)


Slide Content

The slide presents an overview of Porter's Five Forces framework in a monochromatic blue style. Each force is listed alongside a corresponding question that provokes analysis: "COMPETITION" deals with the number of similar product competitors; "NEW ENTRANTS" assesses the ease of market entry; "BUYERS" examines the power buyers have to drive prices down; "SUPPLIERS" inquires into the suppliers' ability to increase prices; "SUBSTITUTES" considers the likelihood customers will switch to alternative products.

Graphical Look

  • The slide title is at the top in capital letters and a sans-serif font.
  • There are five horizontal bars, each with a gradient from a darker to a lighter shade of blue, coming from the left side.
  • The text is written in white and aligned to the right on these bars and is read vertically.
  • Each bar represents one of Porter's Five Forces and is paired with a relevant question to the left, aligned horizontally.
  • The fonts are sans-serif, maintaining consistency and readability.
  • The color scheme is shades of blue, with a white background, which gives a professional and clean appearance.

The slide has a structured and modern feel, with a gradient effect giving depth to the design elements. The consistent use of color and simple design provides an easy-to-follow visual guide to Porter’s Forces.

Use Cases

  • To introduce the concept of Porter’s Five Forces in a strategic business meeting or workshop.
  • For educational purposes, in a business or management class, to explain market dynamics and competition.
  • During a company's internal analysis sessions, assessing their market position.
  • As a starting point for a SWOT analysis, focusing initially on the external competitive forces.

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