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Porter Forces Diagram rounded square shapes
from deck Porter Forces Marketing Model Diagram (PPT chart icons)


Slide Content

This slide presents an overview of Michael Porter’s Five Forces model using stylized rounded squares. Each force is encapsulated in its own colorful square with an icon representing it: "Competition," with branching arrows suggesting various competitive directions; "Buyers," symbolized by a shopping cart indicating consumer power; "Suppliers," represented by a delivery truck suggesting the supply chain influence; "New entrants," with a door and arrow indicating the entry of competitors; "Substitutes," depicted by a cyclic arrow implying alternative offerings in the marketplace. These elements collectively illustrate the different pressures in a competitive business environment.

Graphical Look

  • A central graphic consisting of five rounded squares, each representing a force in Porter's model, with a unique color and icon.
  • The colors of the squares range from blue, green, teal, yellow, to purple, creating visual distinction for each force.
  • Each square contains a white icon that illustrates the concept of the force it represents (e.g., arrows for Competition, shopping cart for Buyers).
  • The rounded squares are arranged in a cross-like pattern with one square taking the central position and the others surrounding it diagonally.
  • The slide background is a plain light color, which highlights the vibrancy of the rounded squares.
  • The text labels for each force are placed close to their respective squares, with a font size that's easy to read yet doesn't overshadow the icons.

The graphical look of the slide is modern and clean, using simple shapes and a limited color palette to convey the model's components with immediate visual impact. The layout is symmetric and balanced, providing a clear visual structure that guides the viewer's eye through each element.

Use Cases

  • To introduce the concept of Porter’s Five Forces during a strategy meeting or workshop.
  • To analyze the competitive landscape of a business during a market analysis presentation.
  • As part of a SWOT analysis ( Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) to assess potential challenges and external pressures.
  • To facilitate discussion on business strategy development and the factors influencing strategic planning decisions.

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