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Outline icons set: calendar, work Plan, full-time, part-time
from deck Remote Work Know-how Infographics (PPT Template)

Outline Style Icons Set – Management Metaphors

Slide Content

The slide presents an "Outline Style Icons Set" related to management metaphors, specifically for various business concepts such as Calendar, Work Plan, Full-time, Part-time, Timer, Stopwatch, Watch, Clock, Time, Alarm, Money, Cost, Free of Charge, Freeware, Operations, Action, Product, Outcome, Hourglass, Checklist, Document, Rules, Processes, and Quotation Mark. Each metaphor, portrayed by an icon, serves to symbolize complex business concepts in a simple visual form that is quick to recognize and helps to communicate ideas succinctly in business presentations or documents.

Graphical Look

  • Two primary colors – dark teal for the header background, light gray for the slide background
  • Header text in white, slide title in large, bold font
  • Smaller text in black for the list of icon metaphors
  • A collection of 16 icons—two rows, eight icons each—all in a consistent outline style
  • Icons represent concepts: calendars (differentiating between full-time and part-time), time measurement devices, alarms, money bags (color indicates full, diminishing, and empty states), gears and hands depicting settings or operations, a document checklist, divided square as pages or documents, an hourglass for time passage, and quotation marks
  • The icons are symmetrically aligned, with ample whitespace around each
  • A visual emphasis on the money bag icon, placed centrally at the bottom with a teal circle around it
  • A promotional banner in gray, placed beneath the central icon, inviting viewers to check the website for more icons

The slide is designed in a clear and minimalist style, emphasizing visual cues for each business concept. The simplicity and visual harmony make the content easily accessible at a glance.

Use Cases

  • In business presentations to visually represent different management concepts without overwhelming the audience with text
  • As part of infographics or reports to add a visual component that comple ments the written information
  • To enhance user interfaces in business software, where icons can help users navigate through various features and settings
  • In educational materials or workshops to help explain and differentiate between various abstract business principles and practices

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