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from deck Creative Comparison Tables Template (PPT graphics)

Comparison Tables Outline Icons - General

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Comparison Tables Outline Icons - General" lists various icon categories like HR, Person, Coins, Finance, Settings, Execution, Product, and Strategy, among others. These icon categories represent different business elements such as human resources, financial assets, operational tools, products, strategic planning, and data analysis. Icons like a pie chart and sigma suggest statistical and analytical representation, while others like milk, almonds, soy, and coconut may relate to agriculture or food industry items.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean, professional layout with a dark grey background and a teal-colored header with the title in white.
  • A set of outline icons is arranged in four rows, distributed evenly across the slide. Each row contains four icons.
  • The icons are designed in a simple and modern outline style, representing various themes mentioned in the text.
  • The upper right corner contains a text box with the heading "Fully editable icons" in white, set against a dark teal background that matches the slide's header.
  • The color palette is limited to teal, white, and shades of grey with a few icons highlighted in a yellow-to-green gradient, creating visual interest.
  • All graphical elements follow a consistent style and color scheme, contributing to the slide's cohesive and professional appearance.

The overall look is clean and modern, with the icons arranged in a grid pattern that makes it easy to scan visually. The minimalist design ensures the icons stand out against the dark background, making them the central focus of the slide.

Use Cases

  • To present a visual comparison of different business or project areas in a corporate meeting or report.
  • In marketing materials to showcase the range of services or products offered by a company.
  • During training or educational sessions to highlight various concepts with easily recognizable symbols.
  • As part of an interactive dashboard, where clicking on an icon could lead to more detailed information.

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