Outline iceberg model consisting of four levels
from deck Iceberg Model Template (PPT diagrams)

Iceberg Outlined Diagram (Four Underlying Levels)

Slide Content:

This slide presents an "Iceberg Outlined Diagram" with four underlying levels, which are used metaphorically to describe layers of complexity in an issue or system. The "Tip of the iceberg" denotes the visible, often superficial, aspect. The "First underwater layer of the iceberg" represents the initial, yet not apparent, factors. The "Second underwater layer of the iceberg" suggests more profound influences or issues. The "Third underwater layer of the iceberg" delves deeper into the underlying causes, and the "Fourth underwater layer of the iceberg" likely signifies the core principles or foundational elements that are the least visible.

Graphical Look:

  • A prominent outline of an iceberg is drawn in white lines over a blue background, with the top above the waterline and the bottom below.
  • The iceberg is depicted in a wireframe style, composed of interconnected lines forming triangles and other polygons.
  • Four horizontal bands of varying shades of blue, each darker than the one above, represent the water and different layers under the surface.
  • Next to each band, there are icon and text pairs: a light bulb, gears, a bar chart, and a car, each corresponding to a different underwater layer.

The visual composition of the slide is simple yet striking, with a clean, modern design. The wireframe iceberg and icons against the blue gradient effectively convey depth and layers, making the concept instantly understandable.

Use Cases:

  • To illustrate the depth of analysis required in problem-solving during team meetings.
  • For explaining the multi-layered approach needed in project management presentations.
  • In risk assessment scenarios, to discuss potential issues that are not immediately visible.
  • To depict the breakdown of strategic business components in a training or educational presentation.

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