Iceberg 5 Layer Slide Template - PowerPoint Presentation with Infographics
from deck Iceberg Model Template (PPT diagrams)

This iceberg diagram slide contains 5 layers of an underlying situation. It can be used in all lines of work, to address a challenge that your company encountered. That's why we created this presentation with interesting infographics which are fully editable to help you address the problem with your stakeholders.

On this slide, we have placed an ocean water background and an editable iceberg diagram. It's also important to put icons that will be a metaphor for the situation you're addressing. In the first layer, we have placed a lightbulb icon that represents an idea or some innovation. In the second layer, we have a gear icon, which could be associated with production/manufacturing, while the third layer contains a data bar chart, which could be connected with some research regarding a new or existing market, or a financial matter. The fourth underwater layer has a car icon - regarding transport/delivery, and the final fifth layer has a people icon, symbolizing the customers along with their needs and pains.

This slide is a part of the Iceberg Diagram PPT Template, which contains many shape elements to edit, graphic vectors, and a presentation of the unconscious vs. conscious mind according to Freud's concept. You can convert the template into PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote. You can also see our unlimited choice of icons to find the ones that suit you.

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