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Freud’s Iceberg Theory Slide for Management Presentations
from deck Iceberg Model Template (PPT diagrams)

This slide presents Sigmund Freud's Iceberg Theory Model. He splits the iceberg into three parts- unconscious, preconscious, and conscious mind. This dogma has been accepted in psychology learning.

According to Freud, the hidden part of the iceberg represents our unconscious mind which consists of instincts, fears, and selfish motives. The middle part is the preconscious, which is connected to our memory and stored knowledge. The tip of the iceberg is actually our conscious mind such as thoughts and perceptions. This model apart from psychological aspects can be used in a management presentation as well. This model presentation is excellent for soft-skills training courses, and while talking about culture and literature.

This slide contains infographic elements such as an iceberg diagram vector, editable yellow sticky notes, abstract ocean blue background color, and a space for text comments.

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