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Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Dashboard - infoDiagram
from deck HR Metrics Dashboard Data Charts (PPT Template)

Organizations often need to measure & track employee engagement and satisfaction data in order to identify issues and improve morale. An employee engagement dashboard visualizes the effects of company policies on employee well-being and company culture. Dashboards can provide an overview of employee engagement and satisfaction levels, as well as identify some trends over time. They can also give some insight into the areas where there is room for improvement.

Where To Use Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Dashboard PowerPoint Template

If you used a survey or a similar tool to obtain your data, you can easily update the dashboard elements and use the slide for any presentation related to employee engagement and satisfaction. You can talk about the overall employee satisfaction, employee net promoter values, employee retention, and absenteeism, or other metrics you want to visualize with this template.

What Does This Employee Profile Dashboard Include?

  • 3 Data-driven Excel gauge charts & tables.
  • Icons: Thumbs up & thumbs down.
  • Diagrams and text boxes.
  • White background.
  • Overall employee satisfaction score, eNPS, employee retention, and employee absenteeism.

This Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Dashboard slide is a part of our HR Dashboards Template.

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