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Editability of Flat Icons
from deck Creative Comparison Tables Template (PPT graphics)

Proper Editing of Flat Vector Icons for Tables

Slide Content

The slide entitled "Proper Editing of Flat Vector Icons for Tables" focuses on best practices for customizing flat vector icons within Microsoft PowerPoint. It emphasizes two main aspects: Color and Size. In terms of Color, the slide suggests changing icon fill colors to match brand visuals while avoiding adding an outline to maintain flat icon aesthetics. For Size, it advises to resize icons by manipulating the corner nodes, cautioning that altering proportions may compromise clarity, which is essential for maintaining a professional and neat visual representation in documents or presentations.

Graphical Look

  • A large teal header banner with the title of the slide in white text.
  • Two sections with headers "Color" and "Size" in smaller grey banners.
  • To the left, under "Color," two document icons are displayed - one orange and one grey, showing the color change.
  • Below the color icons, there's a screenshot of the color palette tool in PowerPoint, with a cursor icon indicating selection of color.
  • To the right, under "Size," a smaller icon next to a larger one depicts the concept of resizing.
  • Below the size icons, a screenshot shows an icon with resizing handles and a cursor dragging a corner to resize.
  • Text blocks under each screenshot provide additional explanation regarding the actions demonstrated.
  • The rightmost part of the slide reads "Fully editable icons" with bullet points "Change fill color" and "Resize".
  • A larger grey icon with resizing handles and cursor on the right side complements the text.

Overall, the slide has a clean, professional look with a balanced blend of text, icons, and screenshots that illustrate the instructions effectively.

Use Cases

  • Training employees on creating internal or external presentations to ensure consistent and professional visual branding.
  • Workshops on advanced PowerPoint techniques for marketing and design teams.
  • Guiding instructions during a webinar on visual content creation for social media or digital platforms.
  • A slide in a template selling or portfolio presentation to demonstrate the ease of customization for potential clients who may purchase or use the PowerPoint templates.

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