Design Thinking Process Slide Template - infoDiagram
from deck Creative Brain and Head Outline Infographics (PPT Template)

Design thinking is a method for solving problems that is both creative and logical. It is a structured approach that helps you to generate new ideas, and then critically evaluate them to find the best solutions for the relevant people. The design thinking process typically includes four steps: Empathize, define, ideate, and prototype. This slide template can be used to help you map out the design thinking process. It includes space for you to write down your statement, and then brainstorm potential solutions.

Where To Use The Design Thinking Diagrams

You can use this PowerPoint template to train people with a simple guide to design thinking and to explain the nature of design thinking to any audience. Visualize the design thinking approach, talk about examples of design thinking, and expand on creative problem-solving by utilizing the power of visuals. The PPT template is easy to edit. So, feel free to adapt the visuals to various presentations about design thinking models, more complex problems, or relevant topics in general.

What Does This Design Thinking Process Template Include?

  • Human head outline diagram.
  • 4 Circles to indicate each stage of the design thinking method.
  • 4 Segments to input your text for the related stages of design thinking.
  • White background.

This Design Thinking Process slide is a part of our Head and Brain Diagrams.

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