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Critical and Creative Thinking Slide Template

Critical and creative thinking are important skills to have in any field. This PPT template is designed to help you visualize these skills for a successful presentation. The slide is very easy-to-edit so you can make some adjustments to visualize different topics related to the human brain, or psychology.

Where To Use Critical and Creative Thinking PowerPoint Template

This particular slide is pretty versatile. You can generally use the left and right brain diagrams for any topic involving different approaches or thinking styles. You can also use this product to talk about anatomical processes, analyze learning strategies, or define solutions to your problems during a creative thinking PowerPoint presentation.

What Does This Critical and Creative Thinking Presentation Template Include?

  • Left and right human brain diagrams to visualize the different hemispheres.
  • 2 Circles to visualize each thinking style with an icon.
  • Color palette icon to express creative thinking.
  • Gears icon to express critical thinking.
  • White background.
  • Text boxes to list the attributes of creative thinking and critical thinking.

This Critical and Creative Thinking slide is a part of our Head and Brain Diagrams.

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