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This PPT slide is a business structure comparison. The Sole Proprietorship has only one owner, unlimited personal liability, and personal taxes only. The Partnership has two or more owners, unlimited personal liability unless structured as a limited partnership, and self-employment and personal taxes. The Limited Liability Company (LLC) has one or more owners who are not personally liable and have self-employment and personal or corporate taxes. The Corporation - C & B Corp, also has one or more owners who are not personally liable and have corporate taxes. The S Corp has more than one but less than 100 owners who are not personally liable and are subject to personal taxes. The Non-Profit Corporation has one owner who is not personally liable and is exempt from taxes but corporate profit can't be distributed. You can use this PowerPoint slide if you are a corporate manager who wants to present a comparison of business structure in the USA. You can download this PowerPoint template on Google Slides and Keynote.

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