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Student Presentations

School and University Students Templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Students have a lot on their plate. There are always classes to attend, some reading to catch up on, homework to finish, mid-terms and finals to pass, and projects with tight deadlines to catch. For working students, all of these responsibilities combined with the time constraints can easily turn the simplest projects into a nightmare.

Regardless of your education level or the project, a well-structured PowerPoint template can go a long way to save time, ace those projects, and impress your professors & colleagues alike.

We provide additional discounts for educational institutions and nonprofit organizations to support education, and activism efforts. So, please feel free to get in touch and let us help you out with your presentations.

You can find multiple PowerPoint presentation examples for students below. Browse our student PowerPoint presentations to find easy-to-edit, visually appealing templates for your topic to boost your presentation projects. The templates are professionally designed, and you can easily adapt them to your topic.

The Agenda presentation template can be very useful to visualize various processes or timelines in a simplistic way. It has colorful diagrams, eye-catching tables to input your information, and various graphical elements with different layouts you can utilize.

Online Meeting is useful for work and studies alike. Especially if you have to give a presentation remotely. It has a clear structure for a meeting from start to finish. You can start with a brief introduction to the content, explain the goal of the presentation, and easily explain your information utilizing diagrams, tables, and matrixes. The slides have various layouts such as polls, comparisons, whiteboards, and Venn diagrams to conceptualize different subject areas.

If your academic life or work requires you to give presentations frequently, consider getting the Modern Flat Diagram Bundle. This PowerPoint template has hundreds of multi-purpose visuals and diagrams(lists, structures, flowcharts, etc.) that can cover pretty much any topic.