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PowerPoint Templates for Project Managers Role

Recommended Toolbox of PowerPoint Templates for a Project Manager

Demanding tasks and changing the environment is Project Manager’s bread and butter. Constant attention, interaction with people, dealing with multiple tasks simultaneously, and great organization and presentation skills are the key factors for successful Project Management.

Some of the key roles of a Project Manager are:

  • planning activities and monitoring its progress
  • managing a project and ensuring it will be delivered on time, within budget and quality stipulated in the agreement
  • setting up the team and leading them to efficiently deal with problems that arise during the project
  • recognizing and managing project’s risks.
What would you say about having access to tools that help you with presenting your work and saving your time for more important tasks? The graphical presentation can be more convincing to the audience, and you can focus on polishing the message, so it hits the target.

We’ve included a set of PowerPoint templates that we believe fits great to help you at your work. You will find in it:

1. Planning and scheduling charts such as

  • Gantt Chart templates of various colors and styles,
  • numerous types of Calendars that will show your schedule, and present your progress in a clear and interesting fashion,
  • Project Timelines with different formats and sets of graphics to suit your needs.
  • Roadmaps to visualize the project’s goals, milestones and results, e.g. on a timeline.

2. Review Meeting templates, which can help you with organizing effective meetings, drawing attention to the most important points, and summarising key findings.

We understand that your time is precious, and with multiple and elaborate tasks, you might not find enough time to do a presentation that you are fully satisfied with. How about you let us help you with the graphical part presented in a logical and structured way, where you can fill in your data and go?

Gantt Charts, a very effective tool for presenting milestones, progress and timeline, are particularly useful for Project Manager. Whether there is an activity to be presented, you can do it in a number of ways, use different formats, icons and colors and tailor it to suit your needs. Communicate to others what it will take to deliver the project on time, required quality and within the budget and do it in an appealing graphical style!

An alternative way of presenting objectives in time is Timeline, where you can show high-level details in a tran

sparent way. It includes more general information than the Gantt chart but can be very attractive, where you can use larger size graphics and icons, clearly show the main tasks and make it extra catchy for an audience.

Roadmap PPT diagrams are another example of how project goals can be presented. Using colorful and relevant to the subject backgrounds will put your objectives and schedule forward, making a captivating combination and helping to present your data.

Meetings play a significant part in the Project Manager’s schedule. We’ve created Review Meeting templates for several occasions. Presenting goals and objectives in several steps can be very constructive and minimize time spent on the meeting and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Calendars are tools that can help you to organize a project’s timeline. Would you like your calendar to be presented in a clear, readable manner, where your tasks visually stand out, and time can be easily tracked and managed? - have a look at our various calendars, and we are confident you will find something relevant.