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Nonprofit Organization PowerPoint Presentations

Useful PowerPoint Templates for NGOs, Good-cause Organizations and non-for-profits charities

Every nonprofit member cooperating to create a better future for us has our utmost respect and we are thankful for their hard work. Fighting against climate change, protecting the planet & animals, and many other efforts supporting the less fortunate definitely need more attention from the public.

If you are looking for a way to successfully represent your nonprofit organization or your cause to an audience, using an easy-to-edit, engaging PowerPoint template can help you create the impact you are looking for while saving some time for what’s really important: Your message.

We provide our climate topic templates free for NGO’s and offer additional discounts for educational institutions and non-for-profit organizations to support education, and activism efforts. So, please feel free to get in touch and let us help you out with your presentations.

We have designed PowerPoint presentations that can be used as nonprofit pitch deck templates for multiple presentations, prepared reports, and ecological slide decks to inform people about environmental problems.

If you need a nonprofit fundraising PowerPoint presentation, you can check out our Pitch Deck templates. You can easily adapt them to your topic to explain your mission & vision, the problems you want to solve, and the important details & processes of your organization.

As NGO you work with volunteers and need to motivate and organize your team. Therefore it can be handy to have slides presenting clearly the roles and responsibilities of your team. You can also find useful to train your leader activist about motivation theory so they can better work with their groups.

You can use our Climate Change template to inform your audience about the issue, and the Climate Actions presentation to put a strong emphasis on the actions for possible improvements and solutions.

Use the Annual Budget report to explain your financial plans, budget for the expenses, and a detailed breakdown of operational costs. Or use the Annual Report for a visual overview of the yearly financial status.