Recommended PowerPoint templates for a Data Quality consultant

If you are working in the IT information quality area, as a consultant, manager or data analyst, you often need to communicate complex data structures and explain IT processes. For such communication, PowerPoint or Google Slides presentations are one of the most popular forms. They are easy and quick to make and can support you on a meeting or report you need to send. To use full power of the presentation, try to make it as much visual as possible. Use icons to illustrate points, express data processes by flowcharts, and show data hierarchies by structure diagrams. For professional presentations, it’s good to have one source of graphics, following one style. Build your own library of such presentation graphics, something you can quickly reach to and modify as needed. Check the following set of PowerPoint templates with vector graphics, related to data quality area. You can find there set of nice readable vector icons of various data and media types, file categories, and data processing actions. The suggested templates contain also editable diagrams showing IT processes and structures. You can use them to illustrate your IT infrastructure and present data security standards.
Using a PowerPoint template format lets you construct or modify schemas in a simple intuitive way. You know how to work with PowerPoint shapes. PPT format of slides can be imported easily to Google Slides or Keynote software if that is a presentation tool you use.