Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have rights to use freely diagrams from your page ?  What I can do with purchased diagrams?

    Yes, you can freely use diagrams you have purchased. Add them to your presentation, publish them in blog or other materials. You can edit shapes, changes colors, add or delete objects. Anything to fit diagrams to your needs. You cannot sell the diagrams further. \ You are not allowed to pass diagrams out of company / institution who purchased it.

    If we are speaking about not-purchased diagrams, available for free viewing on our webpage, then you can use them to build your understanding, we encourage you to explore associated Know-how resources. However, you are not allowed to publish it, edit it, delete watermark.

  2. Can I edit the content of infoDiagrams?

    Yes, this is the the main benefit of offered diagrams. So go and change colors, shapes, adapt them to your needs.

  3. What is the credibility of data used in diagrams

    ... we try our best to be as accurate as possible. We add resources we base the diagram on, if they are available. If there are no resources mentioned, then diagram is based on common knowledge of our team (we all have over 5 years of experience from different business sectors).

    However, we don't give guarantee that information included in diagrams is accurate and up to date (please write us if you notice some important inaccuracy). We believe you may have more accurate information in your domain. But thanks to editability of diagrams you can easily adopt the diagram to your data.

  4. Is payment secure?

    We are using 3rd party payment processor - Braintree (A PayPal Service). The connection with our site and Braintree is encrypted. Your payment data is transmitted directly to Braintree. To learn more visit Braintree Compliance Article.

  5. Will I get an invoice so I can add it to my compan costs?

    Yes. We will provide you invoice with European TAX number, so you can easily add it under your marketing or educational budget.

  6. Can I use the diagrams in other graphical software e.g. in Illustrator?

    Yes, it is vector format. We provide it as PPT, but you can easily export to general vector format ... e.g. in PDF  - Illustrator can import vector graphics from such PDF.

  7. Can I export diagrams for my Blog?

    Yes, edit diagrams for your needs and then export from PPT to PNG and save as picture.

Got other question? Feel free to ask us. Write to us, we will be glad to answer you.