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Weekly project durations table depicted with distinctive colors
from deck Gantt Chart Graphics for Project Planning (PPT Template)

Weekly Project Durations Table

Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide, titled "Weekly Project Durations Table", presents a quarterly view with 6 categories using distinctive colors. The table is organized into columns for Weeks 1 to 4 across three months, signifying a quarter. Each row presumably represents a different project or task, color-coded to illustrate the duration and timeframe. The colors help differentiate between tasks while aligning them to the respective weeks across months, facilitating a visual representation of overlapping activities and workload distribution.

Graphical Look

  • A large title in dark blue at the top of the slide sets the theme: "Weekly Project Durations Table".
  • Below the title is a subtitle in gray: "Quarter view with 6 Categories, Distinctive Colors".
  • A table occupies the central part of the slide, with columns labeled from 'W1' to 'W4' for each of the three months.
  • Inside the table, colored horizontal bars represent project durations in weeks.
  • Six circles with icons are aligned horizontally at the bottom of the slide, each paired with a text box for additional information. These icons include a gear with a brain, a question mark, a lightbulb, a chess piece, a book, and tools.
  • The circles with icons use shades of teal, gray, blue, dark gray, purple, and gold.

The slide utilizes a clean and professional design with a light gray grid table against a white background. The use of color on the horizontal bars adds visual interest and aids in distinguishing between different elements.

Use Cases

  • To visually represent project timelines and durations during project management meetings.
  • In status update presentations to provide a clear overview of multiple project phases and their progress.
  • For portfolio management presentations, to highlight when and how resources are allocated across projects.
  • During planning sessions to facilitate the identification of potential overlaps and capacity issues in project scheduling.

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