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Waste recovery (other than energy recovery) by waste category, EU-28, 2012

Slide Content

This slide presents statistics on waste recovery in the EU-28 for the year 2012, excluding energy recovery. It focuses on the breakdown by waste category, with a pie chart that points to individual sub-charts for each category. Mineral and solidified waste dominates at 69.8%, followed by recyclables at 16%, and metallic wastes at 8.2%. Other categories include paper & cardboard, wood, glass, plastic, rubber & textile, animal & vegetal, common sludges, equipment, chemical & medical, and mixed ordinary wastes with percentages ranging from 0.3% to 6.9%.

Graphical Look

  • The slide features a dominant central pie chart with various colors representing different waste categories.
  • Multiple smaller charts branch out from the central pie chart, each connected with a line matching their slice's color.
  • Each sub-chart is a circular diagram with a specific color and an icon symbolizing the waste category it represents.
  • Percentage figures are clearly displayed next to each category name, which are positioned along curved paths surrounding the chart.
  • The background is a gradient from light yellow to green, with a white border at the slide's bottom edge.
  • The title of the slide is in a dark gray font at the top.
  • There are two text boxes near the bottom-left displaying the slide's source.

The slide has a vibrant and informative design with a clear visual hierarchy that emphasizes the statistics provided. The use of colors, icons, and percentages aids in quick comprehension of the data.

Use Cases

  • In environmental presentations to showcase how different types of waste are being recovered or recycled.
  • During policy briefings to explain the current state and challenges of waste management in the EU.
  • As part of educational materials to inform students about waste categorization and recovery rates.
  • In business meetings by companies in the waste management or recycling industry to discuss market segments and opportunities for improvement or investment.

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