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Illustrating meeting plan over Czech and Slovakia regions
from deck CEE Europe Maps with Administrative Territories (PPT editable)

Illustrating Meetings Plan over Czech and Slovakia regions with Call-out Boxes

Slide Content

The slide is mapping a meeting plan across the Czech Republic and Slovakia regions, indicating specific areas for IT team workings remotely and a team meeting location. Call-out boxes label key sites such as Liberec and Bratislava, each with a placeholder for additional details ("Your text here"). The plan suggests a distributed team arrangement and the setting of in-person gatherings within the regions, providing a visual tool for coordinating a team's geographical workflow.

Graphical Look

  • A two-toned map of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with the Czech regions highlighted in darker blue and Slovakia in light green.
  • Orange, dotted lines connecting circular markers on the map to rectangular call-out boxes.
  • Two images placed within bordered boxes, presumably depicting notable locations or landmarks.
  • A small icon of a person with a monitor to symbolize remote work, and another icon representing a group meeting.
  • Text placeholders labeled "Your text here" indicate where information can be inserted.
  • A label reading "Bratislava 26 July" dates a specific meeting.

The slide uses contrasting colors and icons to differentiate elements and convey information effectively. It is visually organized with a central map as the focal point, complemented by call-out boxes and images that add context.

Use Cases

  • Planning and visualizing a regional sales or service team's itinerary for client visits or internal meetings.
  • Coordinating a multi-location marketing campaign with events or activities mapped out geographically.
  • Illustrating the distribution of operational sites for a company, showing different branches or remote working hubs.
  • Executing a project management presentation to show where different stages or components of a project take place.

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