Vertical Tree Chart Illustration - PPT Diagram Template
from deck Decision Tree Diagram Charts (PPT Template)

Slide contents:

The Vertical Tree Chart Illustration can be used as a decision tree, and there are icons with text boxes under each one to write a short description for each. You can use this vertical tree diagram if you are a marketing manager and want to present your company's monthly customer sales report. You can separate the customers according to their marital status, and whether they have children or not. For the people who do not order from your company, you can suggest ways to make them potential customers such as by doing more research on them. This diagram template is fully editable, and you can change the text, size, and colors according to your preference. You can download this Vertical Tree Diagram Template on Google Slides.

Slide Infographic Description:

White Background, Text Box, Calendar Icon, Dollar Icon, Euro Icon, No Icon, Man Icon, Married Icon, Family Icon, Research Icon, Money Icon

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