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Technology development as an element of value chain model
from deck Value Chain Presentation Diagrams (PPT Template)

Explaining Value Chain Elements - Technology Development

Slide Content

The slide provides a visual representation of various components within a typical business value chain, highlighting 'Technology Development' as a particular focus. The value chain elements listed include 'Firm Infrastructure', 'HR Management', 'Procurement', 'Inbound Logistics', 'Operations', 'Outbound Logistics', 'Marketing and Sales', and 'Service'. Each of these terms represents a step or function in the process that adds value to a product or service before it reaches the end customer. For instance, 'Inbound Logistics' relates to the receipt, warehousing, and inventory management of raw materials required for production.

Graphical Look

  • The slide features a grey and blue color scheme, with shades that create a professional look.
  • A sequence of horizontal bars aligned in a staggered fashion towards the right side of the slide, each labeled with a different value chain element.
  • The 'Technology Development' bar is highlighted in blue, distinguishing it from the other elements that are in a lighter shade of grey.
  • Icons next to each element provide visual cues about the function, such as a factory for 'Operations' or a delivery truck for 'Inbound Logistics'.
  • A large placeholder text box with a blue header sits on the left side, indicating where a description for 'Technology Development' should be added.
  • The overall layout of the slide is clean and well-organized, utilizing geometric shapes and alignment for visual clarity.

The slide has a professional and clean appearance with an emphasis on readability and clear segmentation of information for easy comprehension.

Use Cases

  • Presenting an overview of a company's value chain in a strategic business meeting.
  • Training new employees on the different functions within the company and how they contribute to the creation of value.
  • Analyzing and discussing potential improvements or innovations in a company's technology development process.
  • As part of a larger business plan or proposal, illustrating how technological development is integral to overall operations and success .

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