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Marketing and Sales elements of value chain model diagram
from deck Value Chain Presentation Diagrams (PPT Template)

Explaining Value Chain Elements – Marketing and Sales

Slide Content

The slide presents a part of the value chain focused on "Marketing and Sales". It details various elements of a typical value chain, highlighting Marketing and Sales as a key component. Other elements include Firm Infrastructure, HR Management, Technology Development, Procurement, Inbound Logistics, Operations, Outbound logistics, and Service. Each of these represents a strategic business activity. Marketing and Sales is emphasized to showcase its importance in generating revenue and customer satisfaction.

Graphical Look

  • The slide is divided into two main sections with a neutral color scheme.
  • The left section has a highlighted green tab labeled "Marketing and Sales" beside a large gray text box with placeholder text "Put your description here".
  • The right section features a diagram of the value chain with seven other elements leading up to "Marketing and Sales", each labeled with corresponding icons.
  • The value chain is depicted as a 3D angled vertical flow chart, using shades of gray to distinguish each element, except for "Marketing and Sales," which is marked in green.
  • The chain concludes with the word "Margin" in a darker area to signify the end result of the value chain.
  • Each value chain box contains an icon representing the activity, e.g., gears for Operations and a truck for Inbound Logistics.
  • The fonts are modern and sans-serif, with a clean and professional appearance.

The slide is designed in a professional and business-oriented style. The color contrasts and use of icons make the "Marketing and Sales" section stand out and guide the viewer's attention towards it.

Use Cases

  • For a training session explaining the various components of the value chain to new employees or students.
  • During a strategic business meeting to discuss enhancements or focus areas within the value chain, especially marketing and sales.
  • In a sales presentation to illustrate how marketing and sales fit into the broader scope of the company's operations and strategy.
  • When reporting to stakeholders about the importance and performance of the marketing and sales department within the organization's value chain.

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