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Inbound logistics showed as an item of value chain
from deck Value Chain Presentation Diagrams (PPT Template)

Explaining Value Chain Elements – Inbound Logistics

Slide Content

The slide is designed to explain the concept of the value chain, focusing specifically on the "Inbound Logistics" element. "Inbound Logistics" is highlighted as the first stage in the value chain, reflecting activities related to receiving, storing, and distributing inputs internally. Related concepts such as "Firm Infrastructure," "HR Management," "Technology Development," and "Procurement" are also listed, which represent supporting activities that aid the primary functions. Each function is crucial, with "Infrastructure" referring to a company's facilities and logistics, "HR Management" involving employee recruitment and training, "Technology Development" pertaining to innovations and improvements, and "Procurement" about sourcing materials and services.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white with a subtle gradient.
  • A large title at the top of the slide in bold, dark text.
  • A teal arrow pointing right, indicating a progression or flow, highlights "Inbound Logistics."
  • There is a placeholder text box labeled "Put your description here."
  • Each value chain element is featured in a stylized 3D graphic with five horizontal segments joined to form an arrow shape, symbolizing forward motion or progress.
  • The 3D arrow is shaded with varying intensities of blue, delineating each segment.
  • Icons correspond to the different elements: a building for "Firm Infrastructure," human silhouettes for "HR Management," gears for "Technology Development," a document with "Procurement," production for "Operations," a delivery truck for "Outbound Logistics," a 'marketing and sales' icon, and a service icon.
  • The segment related to "Inbound Logistics" is highlighted in darker blue, drawing attention to this particular element.
  • The phrase "Margin" appears twice, at the start and end of the 3D arrow, suggesting it is the goal or result of the process.

The slide is sleek and professional, using a cohesive blue color palette to underscore the theme of logistics and corporate structure. The 3D graphical elements add depth to the design, aiding in a visual representation of progression through the value chain.

Use Cases

  • This slide can be used in business presentations to explain the role of inbound logistics within an organization's wider value chain.
  • It could be part of a training module for employees to understand how their roles connect to other functions within the company.
  • The slide can serve as an introduction to a more detailed discussion on optimizing each segment of the value chain for efficiency gains.
  • It is also suitable for strategic planning meetings where the focus is on improving internal processes and support functions to create a competitive advantage.

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