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Example of adapted chart samples
from deck Business Growth & Development Template (PPT diagrams)

All diagram charts are easy to adapt:

Slide Content

The slide is focused on demonstrating the adaptability of various diagram charts. It features example text placeholders paired with each graphic element to showcase how text can be associated with specific parts of the diagrams. The slide highlights these aspects: "Fully editable," meaning users can change texts, icons, and colors to align with their brand or desired aesthetics; "Ungroup and easily copy, duplicate or remove items," which indicates these diagrams are flexible and can be modified without much complexity. Each pair of arrows represents a potential point for customization in a presentation.

Graphical Look

  • Four sets of horizontal arrow shapes pointing towards each other, with each set a different color (purple, yellow, blue, and dark blue).
  • The arrows are paired, with each arrow containing white 'Sample text'.
  • Three stylized tree and plant icons with varying types and colors (greens and blues), suggesting a nature or growth theme.
  • Each plant icon paired with a dark blue arrow, also containing 'Sample text'.
  • A text box with a teal header, labeled 'Fully editable', followed by bullet points highlighting the features.
  • A secondary text box in gray, aligned with the teal box, with the label 'Ungroup and easily copy, duplicate or remove items'.

The slide has a clean and modern aesthetic, primarily utilizing flat design elements and simple shapes. The color palette is bold and varied, creating visual interest and segmenting the content effectively.

Use Cases

  • Explaining the customization options of diagrams in presentations and templates.
  • Demonstrating how to edit and adjust content to fit specific branding guidelines.
  • Training new employees or clients on how to use and adapt company-provided templates.
  • Showcasing the flexibility of a presentation software or template to potential customers.

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