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Transportation eq. L gasoline per 100 km per passenger

Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide compares the gasoline equivalent consumption for different modes of transportation per 100 kilometers per passenger. Bike use is the most fuel-efficient at 0.25 L, representing a low environmental impact. The tram comes next at 0.6 L, followed by walking, which surprisingly has a measurable impact of 0.8 L when considering the energy equivalent. The bus is higher at 4.8 L, with the car being the least efficient at 6.4 L, indicating a significant environmental footprint.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a neutral solid color.
  • The title "Transportation" is prominently displayed at the top.
  • A subtitle "eq. L gasoline per 100 km per passenger" provides context.
  • Five vertical bars represent different modes of transportation, with heights relative to fuel efficiency.
  • Each bar has a corresponding icon: a bicycle, tram, shoe, bus, and car.
  • The icons are color-coordinated with the bars they represent.
  • Numerical values are displayed at the top of each bar for easy comparison.
  • A source credit "Source:" is at the bottom left.

The slide has a clean, data-driven design with icons that visually represent each transportation method, complemented by a concise numerical chart for quick comparisons. The colors are bold and distinguish each mode effectively.

Use Cases

  • Illustrating comparative fuel efficiencies in a presentation about sustainable transportation.
  • Providing visual support for discussions on environmental impact in urban planning meetings.
  • Demonstrating the energy costs associated with personal versus public transport in educational settings.
  • Using in corporate presentations to support the case for a company's investment in eco-friendly employee transport options.

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