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Train With Carriages – 4 Items List Infographics Template
from deck Train Presentation Graphics (PowerPoint Template)

Train With Carriages – 4 Items List Infographics Template

Slide Content: The slide presents a "4 Items List Infographics Template" showcasing a metaphorical train with four carriages to represent different business metrics or categories: "Sales," "Size," "Products," and "Branches." Each carriage features a title, a circular icon with an illustrative graphic (a money bag for "Sales," two people for "Size," a checklist for "Products," and a building facade for "Branches"), a key figure (such as "$100M" for Sales), and bullet points for additional descriptions.

Graphical Look:

  • A train of four connected carriages, each with a unique color: blue, teal, green, and orange.
  • Each carriage is paired with a corresponding rectangular text box that contains the category title and details.
  • Circular icons with simple graphics are placed above the category titles within the text boxes.
  • The icons are color-coordinated with their respective carriages and have related symbols within them.
  • Key figures are prominently displayed below each icon in large, bold font.
  • There are three bullet points below the key figures for adding specific descriptions or data.

The slide has a clean, modern design with a playful twist using the train illustration to represent a progression of business concepts. The color coding and simple icons make for easy identification and separation of the categories.

Use Cases:

  • Presenting quarterly business results in a visually engaging format.
  • Illustrating the growth stages of a product or company using the train and carriage metaphor.
  • Breaking down key components of a strategic plan or project into distinct, manageable sections.
  • Using in educational settings to teach about business structures or economics through visual metaphors.

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