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Train Infographics Icons Set – Status & Strategy
from deck Train Presentation Graphics (PowerPoint Template)

Train Infographics Icons Set – Status & Strategy

Slide Content: The slide is titled "Train Infographics Icons Set – Status & Strategy" and features a collection of icons related to performance assessment and business strategy elements. The icons represent various concepts: a happy face for desired state or positive outlook, a sad face for current state or negative results, a star perhaps symbolizing a goal or quality, a diamond indicating premium quality or a coveted prize, a trophy as a representation of success or victory, a gear for ongoing processes or strategy, an arrow diagram for gap analysis or decision making, footprints for steps taken or a strategy path, stairs indicating progress or ascendancy, a gauge for measuring performance or progress, and a train for momentum or reaching a target.

Graphical Look:

  • The slide background is white, offering a clean and uncluttered canvas for the icons.
  • A dark teal header section spans the top with white text for the slide title.
  • Below the header, the icons are neatly arranged in two rows against the white background.
  • Each icon is a simplified, stylized graphic within a light gray circle.
  • Icons are in shades of black and gray, offering a monochromatic theme, except for the train icons which are multicolored – one each in black, orange, and green, standing out from the rest.
  • "Fully editable icons" is stated in bold in the upper right corner inside the teal header.
  • A lighter gray footer section includes a central message promoting more icons and the respective website.
  • The fonts used for the texts are sans-serif, modern, and easy to read.

The overall design of the slide is modern and professional, utilizing a minimalist iconographic style. The color palette is mostly monochromatic with a pop of color in the train icons to draw attention.

Use Cases:

  • To visually explain different aspects of a business's current status and strategic goals in a meeting or presentation.
  • As visual aids during team discussions on progress , performance improvement, and planning next steps for project management.
  • In marketing presentations to highlight the benefits and superior quality of products or services using symbolic representations.
  • During training sessions to illustrate concepts related to business strategy, performance metrics, decision making, and paths to success.

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