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Three Rows Dashboard Layout

Slide Content

The "Three Rows Dashboard Layout" PowerPoint slide presents a financial dashboard with a focus on cash management. It features 9 data components, which are visually represented through charts, gauges, and plots. For instance, there's a turnover column plot contrasting accounts receivable (AR) turnover against accounts payable (AP) turnover on a monthly basis, aiding comparison of incoming and outgoing funds. Quick and current ratio gauges indicate liquidity status, with values suggesting how well a company can meet its short-term obligations. There is also a bar chart illustrating invoice aging, segmented into categories such as 'Not due', '< 30 days', '< 60 days', '< 90 days', and '> 90 days', which is pivotal in assessing payment patterns and potential cash flow issues. Lastly, a cash balance figure is provided, giving a straightforward picture of available funds.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean, modern layout with a dominant blue and orange color scheme.
  • A large title at the top uses dark blue text.
  • There are three sections or "rows", each with a labeled gauge chart on the left, a colorful bar or line chart in the center, and a smaller blue-gray box with an orange line chart on the right.
  • Each chart is accompanied by a text box for a header or data point; the font color is dark for better readability.
  • The gauges are in varying shades of blue with white numbers indicating values.
  • The central bar charts use blue and orange to differentiate between two sets of data.
  • The bar chart for invoice aging uses shades of blue to differentiate age categories.
  • The orange line charts have a subtle grid background and are placed next to gray, pill-shaped text boxes with values.
  • The lower right corner of the slide showcases a prominent cash balance with a dollar sign, making it clearly stand out.

The slide's graphics are composed in a way that emphasizes clarity and easy interpretation of financial data . The use of gauges, contrasting colors, and organized layout facilitates quick analysis and presentation of complex information.

Use Cases

  • Presenting company financial health during executive meetings, where key metrics such as liquidity ratios and cash balances are discussed.
  • Sharing monthly financial reports with stakeholders to showcase performance trends and accounts receivables/payables dynamics.
  • Utilizing in finance department presentations to highlight areas requiring attention, like overdue invoices or cash flow management.
  • Incorporating into investor pitch decks to demonstrate a company's financial stability and operational efficiency through real data visualization.

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