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Three Levels 3D Segmentation Cube
from deck Point of Sale Segmentation Strategy (PPT Template)

Three Levels 3D Segmentation Cube

Slide Content

The slide highlights a concept known as the "Three Levels 3D Segmentation Cube." It presents a three-dimensional cube segmented into smaller cubes, each cube representing a potential data point or category within a three-dimensional matrix space. Each axis of this matrix is labeled as "Attribute 1," "Attribute 2," and "Attribute 3," each with three levels, suggesting a framework to categorize or segment information based on three variables. Accompanying the cube graphic are icon-based text boxes for adding descriptions, allowing for detailed explanations correlating to different segments of the cube.

Graphical Look

  • The main feature is a large, three-dimensional cube graphic in the center, composed of smaller cubes, creating a segmented look.
  • Three axes extend from the main cube, labeled "Attribute 1," "Attribute 2," and "Attribute 3" with numerical markers from 1 to 3 to denote levels or stages.
  • Some of the smaller cubes in the main graphic are colored differently (orange, red, and blue) to stand out and highlight specific segments.
  • To the right are four text box areas accompanied by colorful icons, each icon representing a different aspect (a pie chart, a group of people, a node network, and a person with a cogwheel).
  • Each text box placeholder contains repetitive placeholder text urging the presenter to add descriptions.
  • Each icon is contained within a speech bubble-like shape with sharp tails, and the colors correspond with the PowerPoint theme colors.

The overall slide design is modern and business-oriented, with clean lines, a consistent color scheme, and professional-looking icons. The use of three-dimensional graphics and distinct colors for highlights makes the slide visually engaging and helps to clarify the segmentation concept being presented.

Use Cases

  • To illustrate complex data segmentation in marketing analytics, such as customer segmentation based on multiple characteristics.
  • In strategic planning presentations to showcase product or service differentiation within a competitive landscape.
  • For training purposes to explain multidimensional data structures in fields such as database design or data science.
  • During brainstorming sessions to categorize ideas or prioritize features across different criteria in product development discussions.

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