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Retail Distribution Channel - The Three Channels of Retailing
from deck Omnichannel Retail Strategy Presentation (PPT Template)

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This slide shows the retail distribution channel called: single-channel, multi-channel and omni-channel. In single-channel distribution, retailers own only brick-and-mortar stores (offline), or web stores (online). Multi-channel refers to retailers owning various channels, which are managing them separately. The omni-channel strategy shows that retailers own various channels which are integrated to deliver a consistent customer experience. This presentation can help you educate your employees on the different distribution models, and give the bigger picture of why you prefer the omni channel retail strategy. All of the graphics are editable, so you can download them in other software such as Google Slides and/or Keynote, without any quality loss of the elements. Click on the slide to see the full PowerPoint Template on Omni Channel Retailing Strategy.

Slide infographic description:

Text Blocks, Line Vectors, Distribution Channel Diagram, Flat Style Outline Icons, Store Icon, Person Icon, PC Icon, Credit Card Icon, Smartphone Icon, 3D Box Icon, Transparent Background

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