Customer Target Demographics Slide - Target Audience Template
from deck Decision Tree Diagram Charts (PPT Template)

Slide contents:

The Customer Target Demographics Slide can be used if you want to segment your target customers according to their marital status, gender, and region levels. You can use this PPT template for your marketing plans and business presentations. This Target Audience PowerPoint Template is composed of four levels. The first level is the overall customers of the company. The second level is a marital status which is divided into married and single customers. The third level is gender which is divided into male and female. The final level is the region which is composed of clients who live in Europe and America. You can also use this Segmentation Template example if you are a marketing manager and want to prepare a professional PPT Presentation with colors and icons representing your target audience descriptions. This will make it easier to focus on specific characteristics. There is enough space under the tree to write a small description of your company's target audience. You can download this template on Google Slides.

Slide Infographic Description:

White Background, Text Box, Segmentation Tree, Target Audience Icon. Single Icon, Married Icon, Male Icon, Female Icon, Euro Icon, Dollar Icon

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