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Data in the web

Slide Content

The slide "Data in the web" showcases various components commonly associated with web data management. "Form" likely refers to web forms used for collecting information from users. "Report" may indicate data summaries or analysis outputs. "Personal data/profile" encompasses individual user data and profile details stored online. Lastly, "Preferences/settings" represent the options that users can configure to tailor their web experiences or the system's functionality to their desires.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a dark blue background.
  • Four large circles, also in dark blue but a shade lighter than the background, are arranged horizontally across the top part of the slide.
  • Inside each circle is a white icon symbolizing different data-related concepts.
  • Below each icon-circle, there is a corresponding label in white text, which briefly explains the concept that the icon represents.
  • Below the circles and labels, there are two rows of smaller icons with gray background rectangles - these seem to be alternate versions suitable for dark backgrounds.
  • Rightmost on the bottom row are two labeled text boxes indicating the icons are "Fully editable & automatically adjusting to color schema".

The slide is highly symmetrical and uses a consistent color palette of blues, grays, and white, creating a professional and clean visual appearance. The icons and text are well balanced and convey a clear, categorical structure.

Use Cases

  • To explain the different types of web data interactions and structures during a web development or design briefing.
  • In a training session about data management practices for non-technical staff to provide a visual association between concepts and their symbolic representations.
  • For a marketing presentation to highlight the data aspects of a product, such as how customer preferences and profiles are managed.
  • As part of a user experience (UX) design review to emphasize the importance of considering various user data touchpoints.

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