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Comparison list diagram including the question's response percentage
from deck Survey Report Presentation Graphics (PPT Template)

Question's Response Percentage Comparison List Diagram

Slide Content

The slide depicts a comparison list diagram for responses to a poll question. Six options (A-F) are presented, with each option accompanied by a percentage value indicating its share of the total responses. The options are denoted with different colors and polygons: Option A is purple with 25%, explaining the most chosen option. Option B is green with 18%, the second most popular. Option C is light blue with 17%, closely following the second. Option D is blue with 15%, fourth in preference. Option E is orange with 20%, indicating a mid-range popularity. Option F is dark blue with 5%, showing the least chosen option.

Graphical Look

  • The slide features a light gray background with a slightly darker central banner area to highlight the content.
  • Six colored hexagonal shapes serve as bullet points, symbolizing the different answer options.
  • Within each hexagon, a white percentage figure is prominently displayed, representing the response rate for each option.
  • Text placeholders adjacent to each hexagon allow for the insertion of the corresponding answers.
  • A large, grayed stylized text box at the top reads "Poll question was..." to prompt the addition of the specific question.
  • Subtle gray chevron shapes provide a backdrop to the hexagons, creating a sense of alignment and movement across the slide.

The slide has a modern and clean design, using color-coded hexagons to represent polling data visually. The layout is symmetrical with a clear hierarchy, making it easy to compare the data points at a glance.

Use Cases

  • Presenting results from customer feedback surveys during marketing or product development meetings.
  • Displaying post-event survey results to stakeholders in a clear and engaging way.
  • Comparing employee responses in internal company surveys during HR presentations or training sessions.
  • Analyzing and showcasing market research data during business strategy meetings or investor briefings.

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