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Question response graphics shaped as Matrix chart
from deck Survey Report Presentation Graphics (PPT Template)

Quantitative Question Response Infographics Matrix Chart

Slide Content

The slide is designed to present the results of a quantitative question, specifically highlighting that 56% of people prefer option X. It utilizes an infographic representation with human silhouettes to visually depict the statistical data, while a side panel provides space for an explanation or detailed notes. This allows for a concise summary paired with the opportunity for expanded insight, ideal for conveying survey results or demographic preferences.

Graphical Look

  • The slide's main graphic features a matrix chart composed of human silhouettes, with a portion highlighted in blue to represent the 56% of people preferring "X".
  • A large blue vertical bar, containing the text "56%", acts as a separator between the graphic and text content.
  • Bold white text on this bar states "of people prefer X", contextualizing the percentage.
  • To the right, a rectangular sidebar features a hexagonal icon with a checkmark at the top.
  • Below the icon, a large section titled "Explanation:" includes placeholder text and bullet points for additional details.

The slide is dominated by shades of blue and gray, creating a professional and clean visual. The use of human silhouettes adds an element of relatability and the separation of elements allows for an easy reading experience.

Use Cases

  • Presenting survey or poll results to a team or stakeholders, highlighting key statistics.
  • Showcasing customer feedback percentages in a marketing presentation.
  • Visualizing employee satisfaction data during a human resources meeting.
  • Incorporating visual data in academic or research presentations to illustrate study findings.

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