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Example of poll question with space for answers
from deck Survey Report Presentation Graphics (PPT Template)

Poll Question Result Presentation – Text List Template

Slide Content

The slide is intended for presenting poll results, with the main question introduced and followed by a list of possible answers. The question is previewed by "Poll question was..." suggesting that the exact question should be inserted here. The answers are labeled from "A" to "D," each accompanied by a prompt to "write here what was the answer option," clearly indicating placeholders where the specific response options are to be detailed.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a prominent dark teal header with the title in a bold white font.
  • A large hexagonal icon in the same teal color with a white question mark signifies the theme of polling or questioning.
  • The question mark is connected to a rectangular shape that contains the text "Poll question was..." in a large font.
  • Four rectangles shaded in alternating light grey and white contain the placeholders for answer options A to D, each followed by ellipses inviting additional text.

The slide has a clean and professional design with a color scheme centered around shades of teal and grey, providing a clear distinction between the question and the answer options.

Use Cases

  • Showcasing results of audience surveys during presentations to engage viewers with collected data.
  • Revealing poll outcomes in team meetings to discuss group opinions or decision-making.
  • Communicating customer feedback or market research results in a straightforward format.
  • Conducting live voting sessions in workshops or seminars where the audience’s responses are displayed.

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