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Supply Chain production demand retail ppt infographics icons
from deck Industry icons: Production, Construction, Transportation (flat PPT clipart)

Supply Chain – General Picture

Slide Content

The slide presents a simplified overview of a supply chain, divided into three main components: "PRODUCERS," "DISTRIBUTION CENTRES," and "RETAIL." These are depicted as stages in a process flow, with "Production push" indicating the movement of goods from production to distribution, and "Demand pull" representing the attraction of goods towards retail, driven by consumer demand. Each concept is an essential part of the supply chain, where producers manufacture goods, distribution centers handle logistics, and retail sells to consumers.

Graphical Look

  • The slide title is at the top in white text on a blue background.
  • Three main rectangular blocks, each with a distinct color (green, blue, and orange) and associated icons, represent different supply chain elements.
  • The green block has a factory icon, symbolizing "PRODUCERS."
  • The blue block contains a truck icon, representing "DISTRIBUTION CENTRES."
  • The orange block features a computer and cart icon, indicating "RETAIL."
  • Arrows with a folded design in blue and yellow color signify the flow from "Production push" to "Demand pull."
  • Above and below the arrows, "Production push" and "Demand pull" are labeled to describe the direction of the supply chain movement.
  • Slide background is dark navy blue, which allows the colorful blocks and icons to stand out.

The slide has a professional and modern appearance. The use of bright colors and distinct shapes provides a clear visualization of the supply chain from production to retail.

Use Cases

  • To explain the concept of supply chain management to new employees during training sessions.
  • In a business strategy meeting, when discussing improvements or changes to the supply chain.
  • During a sales presentation, to illustrate to potential clients how a product moves through the supply chain.
  • In an academic setting, as part of a lecture on supply chain management or logistics.

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