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Flat icons set for showing strategy,people and resources
from deck Webinar Presentation of Problem-Solution (PPT template)

Flat Icons for webinars (extendable): Strategy, People, Resources

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide showcases a collection of flat icons that can be used in webinars and are extendable, signifying strategy, people, and resources. These icons are a visual representation of common business concepts. The light bulb icon symbolizes innovation or ideas, often associated with strategy. The person figure is a universal symbol of individuals or human resources. The gear icons represent processes or systems, indicative of resources or operational aspects. The cloud and play icons might signify data storage and multimedia or actions respectively.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a white gradient fading into a dark teal.
  • On the right-hand side, there is a dark teal header with the phrase "Fully editable icons" in white text.
  • There is a set of six icons in two columns; three icons are in a muted blue-grey color and the other three in a vibrant color palette of orange, green, and teal.
  • Each icon is accompanied by a small copyright symbol and the source reference
  • Beneftih the colored icons, there is a text "More icons available. Check our website" followed by the website address in teal text.
  • These icons are minimalist and represent light bulbs, a human figure, a shadowed human profile, clouds, a play button, and gears.

The slide has a clean, modern design with a contrasting color scheme that highlights the editable icons, suggesting adaptability for various presentation contexts.

Use Cases

  • To enhance visual communication in business presentations, specifically for topics like strategy development, team roles, and resource management.
  • In webinar slides to visualize abstract concepts such as ideas, personnel, and operational components interactively.
  • To reinforce key points in educational materials or online courses related to business management or organizational structure.
  • As part of a template library for corporate trainers or consultants to create consistent and engaging training content.

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