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from deck Industry icons: Production, Construction, Transportation (flat PPT clipart)

Storage and motor vehicles transport

Slide Content

The slide titled "Storage and motor vehicles transport" covers various aspects of transportation and vehicle types. "Transport & storage" represents logistics involving warehousing and movement of goods. "Automotive / Passenger car" pertains to personal transportation. "Road transport / Truck" implies freight movement via roads. "Public transport / Bus" encompasses mass transit systems for people. There is further mention of "Dark backgrounds versions" of the vehicle icons shown and that the icons are "Fully editable & automatically adjusting to color scheme".

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a light grey shade.
  • There are four main circular graphic icons, each set against a dark blue background.
  • Each icon represents a different transportation mode: a lorry for "Transport & storage," a car for "Automotive / Passenger car," a truck for "Road transport / Truck," and a bus for "Public transport / Bus."
  • Below the main icons, there is a row of the same icons modified for dark backgrounds.
  • To the right of the row, there is an orange rectangle with text inside indicating the icons' editability and color adaptability.
  • Each icon is paired with two lines of text; the larger text describes the general category, and the smaller text specifies the type of vehicle.

The overall look of the slide is clean and professional, with a color scheme that emphasizes blue and orange. The icons are simple yet informative, providing a quick visual reference to the associated text.

Use Cases

  • To explain different aspects of logistics and transportation services in a business presentation.
  • To illustrate the types of vehicles used in various segments of the transport industry during a training or educational session.
  • As part of a proposal for a transportation project, detailing the types of vehicles involved.
  • As an infographic in marketing materials to visually represent the transportation options offered by a company.

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