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Five steps of building a business plan illustrated with tubes
from deck Chemical Lab Test Tube Graphics (PPT Template)

5 Steps Example of Building a Business Plan

Slide Content

The slide presents a linear process for building a business plan in five distinct steps, symbolized by test tubes filled to varying levels. The steps are: 1) Purpose, which serves as the fundamental reason for the business's existence; 2) Vision, outlining where the business aims to be in the future; 3) Business Model, explaining how the business will generate value and income; 4) Target Market, identifying the specific group of consumers the business will serve; and 5) Idea Test, representing the evaluation of the business concept's feasibility.

Graphical Look

  • Five vertical test tube graphics aligned horizontally, each with different fill levels, symbolize incremental steps in a process.
  • Arrows flowing from left to right between test tubes, indicating progression and sequence in the steps.
  • Circular icons with symbols beneath each test tube, associated with each step of the business plan process.
  • The 'Purpose' icon shows a person, hinting at human-centric business motivation.
  • The 'Vision' icon appears as infinite loops, possibly representing continuity and long-term goals.
  • The 'Business Model' icon is a grid, likely illustrating the structure of business operations.
  • The 'Target Market' icon has a target symbol, indicating the focus on customer segmentation.
  • The 'Idea Test' icon features a lightbulb with a question mark, suggesting innovation and inquiry.
  • Each icon is placed inside a colored circle, with the color corresponding to the color inside the test tubes, creating visual coherence.
  • A ribbon banner in the top right corner labeled "Usage example fully editable", possibly implying the template can be customized.

The slide uses a scientific metaphor with test tubes for a structured, analytical approach to the business planning process. Its clean and modern design delivers information effectively while maintaining visual appeal.

Use Cases

  • To illustrate the key phases in a startup workshop for entrepreneurs creating business plans.
  • For executive presentations to showcase the framework of a business development strategy.
  • As a visual guide in educational settings, such as business school lectures on strategic planning.
  • During investor pitch meetings to outline the proposed growth strategy of a new venture.

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