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from deck Business Case Presentation (PPT Template)

This slide shows an alternative analysis table. You can use this with business case PowerPoints to compare solutions, sensitivity analyses, operational effectiveness reviews, comparing various topics such as product development, life cycle cost documents, resources, ground rules, assessment methods, models, study plans, methodologies, etc; to support annual reports, in project management meetings, meetings with stakeholders, defining what an alternative analysis/comparison is during training etc. Alternative analysis/comparison tables can help you identify, determine, evaluate, or establish what course of action to make a decision on. All templates you can access in this collection are fully editable. You can resize shapes without risk of image quality loss, program & schedule animations, provide them with colors similar to your brand's palette, export to PDF and print out, and seek to add your own data & text e.g. critical evaluations or assumptions

Slide contents:

Alternative Analysis PPT, Vector Graphic Illustrations, Alternative Analysis & Comparison Table, Placeholder Text, Shape Graphics, Tick Icons, Cross Icons, Resizable Shapes, White Background

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