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Electricity production / power stations

Slide Content

The slide presents three key methods of electricity production: wind turbines, energy forestry and solar photovoltaic systems. Each method is visually represented by a corresponding icon inside a circular shape. Wind turbines, symbolized by a windmill and a light bulb, reflect the generation of electricity using wind power. Energy forestry is depicted with a tree and a light bulb, indicating the use of biomass to produce energy. Solar photovoltaic is represented with solar panels and sun icon, demonstrating the harnessing of solar energy to generate electricity.

Graphical Look

  • The title is in large, bold font centered at the top of the slide.
  • There are three circular icons, each with a duotone background - dark blue with a lighter blue accent.
  • Each icon is accompanied by two lines of text below it, indicating the category of energy production it represents.
  • Each icon includes a white graphic: wind turbine, tree, and solar panels, each with a light bulb to symbolize energy production.
  • Beneath the circle icons, there are labels, "Wind / wind turbine," "Wood / energy forestry," and "Solar / photovoltaic".
  • There is a small text block at the bottom in green color stating: "Fully editable & automatically adjusting to color schema".

The slide uses a clean, professional design with a blue and green color palette, which is commonly associated with sustainability and technology. The graphical elements are simple yet effective for conveying the respective types of renewable energy sources.

Use Cases

  • Presenting alternative energy options in a business proposal for sustainable practices.
  • Educating an audience about renewable energy sources during an environmental conference or workshop.
  • Use in a school or university context to explain different methods of electricity production.
  • Incorporating into a marketing presentation for a company specializing in the installation of renewable energy solutions.

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