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Software App Product Development Roadmap PowerPoint Slide
from deck PowerPoint Roadmap Template for Product Strategy Presentation (PPT Tables)

Software App Product Development slide description:

This PowerPoint slide shows an example of a Software App Product Development Roadmap. There are three departments split into different colors with specific tasks assigned for every quarter. For the Web Team, Person 1 works on Site Design OverHaul, Person 2 on Site Navigation and UX, and Person 3 on the Search Engine. For the Mobile Team, Person 1 is in charge of customer support, Person 2 for features, and Person 3 for Data Storage. For the Marketing Team, Person 1 is responsible for campaigns, Person 2 for Blogs, and Person 3 for Social Media and Newsletters. You can download this PPT template on Google Slides and Keynote.

Software App Product Development slide infographics:

White Background, Colorful Roadmap, Software App Development, Launch Icon, Blue Rocket Icon, Green Rocket Icon, Grey Exclamation Mark Icon, Star Icon

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