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SMART outline objectives checklist template on a dark background
from deck SMART Goals Template Outline Diagrams (PPT graphics)

SMART Outline Objectives Checklist Template - dark background

Slide Content

The slide presents a checklist template for evaluating goals or objectives using the SMART criteria. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely, which are the categories listed along the top of the checklist. Each criterion has a corresponding brightly colored icon, drawing attention to the individual categories. Below the criteria, there are spaces provided to write down goals and to mark them with colored checkboxes to indicate whether each criterion is met, partially met, or not met for the goal stated. This format is designed to systematically review objectives to ensure they are well-defined and actionable.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a dark blue background which provides a high contrast for the other visual elements.
  • At the top, the SMART criteria are listed horizontally, each word paired with a unique colored icon.
  • Specific: A target icon with an arrow in the center suggests precision.
  • Measurable: Three vertical bars with varying heights imply measurement or levels.
  • Achievable: A checkmark signifies accomplishment or attainability.
  • Relevant: An image resembling a bullhorn indicates significance or broadcasting relevancy.
  • Timely: A clock icon denotes the importance of time or deadlines.
  • Underneath the criteria are two rows for goals, with text boxes saying "Write your goal here" and a series of checkboxes with colored check or cross marks, allowing for evaluation against each SMART category.
  • The checkboxes are green for "yes" and red for "no", symbolizing a simple, visual binary assessment.
  • All icons and checkbox markings have drop shadows, giving a slight 3D effect on the flat background.
  • The icons and checkmarks are connected by a horizontal light blue line which spans the width of the slide, creating a sense of continuity.

The slide is visually clear and well-organized, with a strong color contrast that makes the content stand out. The use of icons and color-coded check marks aids in quickly conveying the evaluation status of goals relative to the SMART criteria.

Use Cases

  • Utilized in strategic planning meetings to evaluate if the proposed goals align with the SMART framework.
  • Incorporated into project management workshops to facilitate the setting of clear and actionable objectives for team members.
  • Presented during performance reviews to assess the effectiveness of individual goals against standardized criteria.
  • Used in educational settings for teaching students how to set and evaluate their personal or academic goals.

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